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Women’s Gymnastics Qualifiers

After 4 Subdivisions of competition, Team USA sits comfortably in first with a 10-point lead over the rest of the teams. All of our girls put in solid performances earning at least one individual event final each, in addition to securing Team USA a spot in the team finals.

Individual Standings:


Gabby Douglas- 14.366

Simone Biles- 15.733

Laurie Hernandez- 14.800

Aly Raisman- 15.275
Uneven Bars:

Gabby Douglas- 15.766

Madison Kocian- 15.866

Simone Biles- 15.000

Aly Raisman- 14.733

Gabby Douglas- 15.166

Simone Biles- 1st VT: 16.000 2nd VT: 16.100

Laurie Hernandez- 15.200

Aly Raisman- 15.766

Gabby Douglas- 14.833

Simone Biles- 15.633

Laurie Hernandez- 15.366

Aly Raisman- 14.833
Simone Biles and Aly Raisman qualified for the Individual All-around, with scores of 62.366 and 60.607 respectively.

Get some rest girls, and get ready for Team Finals on Tuesday!