In Memoriam

IN MEMORIAM OCTOBER 17, 2000 Before I Forget


Stitches and Fairies

1989, 5 years old As long as I can remember, Dad has always carried a hankie; there's always one in his pocket, ready to wipe my tears and blow my nose.Β  But today it's wrapped around my knee, soaked in blood. Mommy and Dad just separated and we visit Dad on Saturdays.Β  Today he took … Continue reading Stitches and Fairies

Forever in my Heart

Matthew Douglas 9/5/1980-10/17/2000 My best friend. My worst enemy. My brother. 13... Can it really have been 13 years ago? Me, an overly dramatic 16 year-old at the start of her junior year of high school? Him, barely 20 years old, clean for over 2... Tee shirts without long-sleeved thermals underneath; healthy, unbroken skin... A … Continue reading Forever in my Heart