Fun with Freud

“Last night, I dreamt I was sailing over an orange ocean, empty except for a school of mermen wearing purple pin-stripe Zoot suits playing water polo with a blowfish.” Freud stroked his beard for several minutes as he contemplated the meaning behind his newest patient's dream. “Vell, obviously, zoo are deficient in Vitamin C! Zoo … Continue reading Fun with Freud


Fear the Dark

His pulse quickened. He could feel the hot blood rushing through his arteries, his blood pressure rising with each erratic contraction of his fibrillating heart. His chest was heavy and tight, suffocating on the carbon dioxide trapped in his lungs. The world had closed in around him. He was alone in a great void, a … Continue reading Fear the Dark

A Lived-In Room

A black cat sits atop a closed laptop on the round glass dining room table. The floor is peppered with cat toys--balls that bounce, balls that jingle, stuffed mice laced with catnip--and hasn't seen a vacuum in months. A green velvet rolling desk chair replaces the metal-backed dining chairs that should complete the small kitchenette … Continue reading A Lived-In Room

Why I Write Nonfiction

They walked me down the hall to the campground’s small infirmary: they have to tell me something—it sounds serious. I could smell the alcohol and peroxide as I sat on the sterilized examination table. Oh Mylanta, who's dying? Wait… I'm the one sitting on the exam table… is it me?? "We want you to know, … Continue reading Why I Write Nonfiction