Can’t Get No Satisfaction

A mom to a judge after her daughter won Supreme: So, what's she doing wrong?


Prim and Proper or Razzle-Dazzle?

It's not just outsiders that look down upon pageantry; even amongst pageant parents and systems there is tension and discord between natural and glitz pageants and pro am modeling. Pro am pageant modeling is a fast paced, upbeat style that combines dance moves, turns, kicks, spins, and splits, with huge facial expressions and a "sassy" … Continue reading Prim and Proper or Razzle-Dazzle?

Pageants- What’s All the Fuss About?

Becoming Miss America has been the dream of thousands of girls since 1921. Although Miss America has been reigning for 91 years, the controversy surrounding the pageant system has only come under close scrutiny in the past two decades, and most significantly in the past 5 years with the introduction of reality television shows such … Continue reading Pageants- What’s All the Fuss About?