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Judgement Day

A grumpy judge after an altercation with an angry mother:

“How dare she talk to me like that!  I’m a business owner!  I volunteered to do this!”


“So, what you’re saying is, you’re  not qualified to be judging this pageant?”

Blank stare…


Pageant Do’s and Don’t’s

Florida Cinderella
Florida Cinderella (Photo credit: State Library and Archives of Florida)


  1. Practice, Practice, Practice!!!
  2. Eat healthy and stay active year-round
  3. Take care of your skin, teeth, hair and nails
  4. Dress and style your hair and makeup as per the pageant rules
  5. Exude confidence- even if you’ve just fallen off the back of the stage! (Been there! Just keep smiling!!)


  1. Compare yourself to other contestants; leave that for the judges, you never know what they’re looking for!
  2. Overdue your makeup
  3. Dress or act inappropriately for your age
  4. Cry if you don’t win the title you wanted; learn from the experience and use it to make your next performance even better!
  5. Tan to an unnatural shade; use tanning to brighten your complexion and smooth skin tone, not change your ethnicity!


Life is too short to hide your feelings. Don't...

“She’s not even a cute little girl!”

It won’t zip!!

This one is kind of a trick question, and the answer actually depends on your age, life stage, and state of development.
If you thought the answer was A, please seek common sense immediately; bonus points though if you know the reference. (I jest, but on the serious side, this kind of thinking and behavior is extremely dangerous, and I urge anyone who believes this to be a good idea to seek medical assistance in their weight management goals). Option B is also a bad idea; fad diets, like the grapefruit diet, Atkins diet, and so many more, are both dangerous and counter-productive. They are written and sold with the intent of making money, not helping you lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. They are generally based on hypothetical data and evidence and focus on “quick fixes” and “miracle foods/herbs/pills” that can solve all your problems. I’m sorry to tell you, these do not exist. There’s only one healthy way to lose and maintain weight; but we’ll get to that in a minute.
Option C is actually an appropriate answer for many girls and young women in this situation. If the size change has come from normal growth and development, your clothes should grow with you. When trying to determine if your size change has been a healthy, natural one it is important to consider the difference between excess fat tissue and new muscle growth, in addition to girls’ normal growth and development. If you’ve been working out, especially doing weight training, your muscle growth will increase your overall size, a healthy change that you should be proud of!
When I was getting married I had a final fitting about a month before the wedding and the dress fit beautifully; a week before the wedding I tried it on for my mom, who hadn’t seen it yet, and the top inch wouldn’t zip. I was in tears. How did my chest get so much bigger without any increase in my bra size? Worse yet: how was I going to get into this dress in a week?? In the months preceding my wedding I was working as a gymnastics coach at a children’s gym; working on the bars and demonstrating handstands 8 hours a day 6-7 days a week had increased my upper body strength, and size, considerably. After accepting my natural size increase, I was able to find a tailor that could fix the dress and long story short, the dress fit perfectly and I felt amazing in it! In a world where small frame size and low body weight are praised as beautiful, it is important to recognize healthy increases to body size.
However, if the growth has occurred due to weight gain from an unhealthy lifestyle, it is important to take steps towards maintaining a healthy weight, and slimming down to fit into your gorgeous new gown could be the perfect motivation to get you going.
So, how do you do that? There is only one answer to that question: burn more calories than you consume. It’s a simple answer; but, putting it into action isn’t as easy. No matter how driven you are or how much will power you have, you can’t achieve and maintain a healthy weight without the facts. You need to know exactly what you are putting into your body, including calorie count, fat, carbohydrate, and protein intake.

Pageant Moms vs. Stage Moms vs. Little League Coaches vs. Texas Cheerleaders

English: Beauty pageant tiara Nederlands: Tiar...
English: Beauty pageant tiara Nederlands: Tiara schoonheidswedstrijd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With all the negativity surrounding beauty pageants, pageant moms have garnered a bad reputation in our society. Some people claim these parents are living vicariously through their children; others think they force their kids to participate or simply push them too hard to succeed on stage. No matter what reasoning people use, pageant moms are consistently labeled as bad parents and are judged by society for the work they put into making their children happy.
I’m not trying to say there are no bad pageant parents or that all pageant moms participate for the right reasons. We’ve all seen the shows; I’ve witnessed it in person; of course there are parents out there that define these stereotypes; but my question is this: what makes a pageant mom any worse than any other parent of a child involved in a competitive activity?
I’ve been to my fair share of little league baseball and football games, and the way parents and coaches speak to these children (generally young boys) is horrendous. Screaming, yelling and cursing are common from parents and coaches alike. What makes it ok for these coaches to curse at and belittle their athletes? Because they’re boys? Because baseball and football are sports?
Parents of children who compete in any form of competition, athletic, academic, or beauty, are competitive. They want their child to win. They’ve worked hard, spent time and money, and they want to see results. Some parents are more competitive than others; but put any of them in a competition on national tv and you will see the worst come out of even the best parents.