I Heart Analog

You know what I love most about my 35mm Nikon N65?  When I look into the lens, I know no one is looking back at me.  Between the built-in webcam on my laptop, the dual cameras on my phone and tablet, and now the omnipresent watching eye of the Xbox One, I can't help but … Continue reading I Heart Analog


Ode to the iPhone

In my Humanities class this week we were asked to imagine an individual who is completely cut off from modern society and to pick an item from pop culture for them to find, much like in the movie, The Gods Must Be Crazy.  Many of my classmates wrote about giving this person an iPhone, which … Continue reading Ode to the iPhone

Declaration of Inde-What??

I love when somebody says something that gets me fired up enough to write an unplanned response.  When I write I usually have a pretty good sense of what I plan to say before I ever set fingers to keyboard;  however, my favorite pieces are the ones I didn't think about before writing or even … Continue reading Declaration of Inde-What??

Don’t Bible Me (at least not in science class)

The following post was written in response to a classmate's discussion board post in a nutrition science class about euthanasia for the terminally ill: , I want to start by stating that I respect your religious beliefs; however, I disagree with the use of the bible as the final word on what is "right" and … Continue reading Don’t Bible Me (at least not in science class)