Into the Light of the Dark Black Night

My slightly, hrmm, abstract shall we say, statement of purpose for grad school: Who am I?  I am the Walrus.  When my creators handed me over to my parents they laughed and said 'Good luck figuring this one out.'  I am a lovely little puzzle not meant to be solved, but to incite curiosity, bewilderment, … Continue reading Into the Light of the Dark Black Night


Ode to the iPhone

In my Humanities class this week we were asked to imagine an individual who is completely cut off from modern society and to pick an item from pop culture for them to find, much like in the movie, The Gods Must Be Crazy.  Many of my classmates wrote about giving this person an iPhone, which … Continue reading Ode to the iPhone

Pain as Pleasure? Hedonism Reconsidered

I've never been afraid of physical pain and have willingly signed on for numerous activities and jobs where pain is commonly expected. Growing up I was a dancer, gymnast, runner, and basketball player; aside from shin splints from running and a broken nose mid-basketball game (still got the three-point shot before they pulled me from … Continue reading Pain as Pleasure? Hedonism Reconsidered

Eastern Mythology and the Hero Archetype

In the study of humanity and culture, myths help us understand the beliefs and behaviors of a culture through the study of the archetypes and rituals expressed in their literature.  Myths are often ancient legends that began through oral tradition; stories passed from generation to generation through music, dance, and tales of great ancestors and … Continue reading Eastern Mythology and the Hero Archetype