Declaration of Inde-What??

I love when somebody says something that gets me fired up enough to write an unplanned response.  When I write I usually have a pretty good sense of what I plan to say before I ever set fingers to keyboard;  however, my favorite pieces are the ones I didn't think about before writing or even … Continue reading Declaration of Inde-What??


Native Americans and the American Dream

A Brief Background: I had an assignment for my Humanities class that asked us how we personally feel about the concept of the "American Dream" and to consider how other cultures view the concepts of happiness and freedom.   At the same time I was watching the PBS documentary series We Shall Remain, 6 episodes from … Continue reading Native Americans and the American Dream

Eastern Mythology and the Hero Archetype

In the study of humanity and culture, myths help us understand the beliefs and behaviors of a culture through the study of the archetypes and rituals expressed in their literature.  Myths are often ancient legends that began through oral tradition; stories passed from generation to generation through music, dance, and tales of great ancestors and … Continue reading Eastern Mythology and the Hero Archetype

Quote By Charles Darwin on Evolution

Wonderful blog: short, sweet, to the point and thought provoking.

Consilient Interest

“The slightest advantage in one being… over those with which it comes into competition, or better adaption in however slight a degree to the surrounding physical conditions, will turn the balance.”

Charles Darwin

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Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is rapidly becoming the most popular, cost-efficient, clean energy source available in the United States, the leading country in nuclear power.  Although hydroelectric, solar, geothermal and wind energy systems are safer and completely renewable, these power structures cannot currently provide sufficient electricity to the entire country.  Each of these technologies is limited by … Continue reading Nuclear Energy