About Me

Who am I?  I am the Walrus.  When my creators handed me over to my parents they laughed and said ‘Good luck figuring this one out.’  I am a lovely little puzzle not meant to be solved, but to incite curiosity, bewilderment, even frustration and anger.  I open doors to thoughts and possibilities others are too afraid or ashamed to seek.  I challenge myself and others to dig deeper, go beyond the expected to find the spectacular, and think in new ways.
I returned to school to complete my Bachelor’s degree in nutrition to supplement my knowledge as a personal trainer.  I wanted to open my own gym.  I wanted to continue teaching gymnastics and children’s fitness.  I wanted to keep walking around on my hands instead of my feet.  But Maxwell had other plans for me; his silver hammer threw me into a wall and changed my life forever.
They called me Broken Wing.  It amused them to play off my heritage, but at least it was better than ‘the injun girl’ as I was often called.  But although the name was given in jest, Broken Wing is not an insult or a nickname to me.  It is a part of my identity.  Although I still try to fight it, I am no longer the woman I once was: physical, athletic, always running, looking for another challenge; physically, I am broken.  But maybe this is the moment I’ve been waiting for: though bound by physical limitations, I have learned there are no limits to my mental abilities.  My mind is still free to explore, create, and grow. I want to learn.  And I want to share what I learn with the world.  I want to express myself, understand myself and others, and share the joys and sorrows that are the essence of life.
Who am I?  I am Broken Wing, coo coo cachoo. 

-Ani D


5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. i love your piece reading all the way from another continent. its really encouraging that you have such a positive attitude and healthy picture of yourself. 2007-2012 for me also saw me through some tough times and like you, i have come out victorious. so i thank you for sharing your victory with us as i am happy to share yours.


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