Happy Father’s Day

To my Papa: Thank you, Thank you for coaching my rec league basketball team- all the way to the championship! Thank you for taking me on a 17-mile bike tour through Ohio Thank you for letting Mutti and me spend the 2nd day of that trip shopping and laying by the pool! Thank you for … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day


Why I Write Nonfiction

They walked me down the hall to the campground’s small infirmary: they have to tell me something—it sounds serious. I could smell the alcohol and peroxide as I sat on the sterilized examination table. Oh Mylanta, who's dying? Wait… I'm the one sitting on the exam table… is it me?? "We want you to know, … Continue reading Why I Write Nonfiction

Into the Light of the Dark Black Night

My slightly, hrmm, abstract shall we say, statement of purpose for grad school: Who am I?  I am the Walrus.  When my creators handed me over to my parents they laughed and said 'Good luck figuring this one out.'  I am a lovely little puzzle not meant to be solved, but to incite curiosity, bewilderment, … Continue reading Into the Light of the Dark Black Night

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy techniques are a vital part of successful nutritional counseling. There are numerous techniques divided into three main categories: behavioral techniques, cognitive restructuring techniques, and psychoeducational techniques. Imagery and role-playing are forms of behavioral techniques. Both of these techniques are used to help clients imagine the possible outcomes of a difficult situation and their … Continue reading Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy