May 2018 Yes, Oh Yas!

Got my first Yes, Oh Yas subscription today, look how pretty!! I’m such a sucker for pink! I haven’t tried everything out yet, but I did do a few swatches. So far, I’m just obsessed with the Cosmoholic Cosmetics liquid lipstick packaging. It’s got L.E.D. lights in the lid of the wand- I dunno, I’m just mesmerized by this. It’s kitschy, but I like it. Open, close; on, off. Open, close; on, off… I just keep going; I need my fidget cube…

Ok, moving on, so then we have a baked highlighter from Estate Makeup and an eyeshadow from Nomad Cosmetics which is also a nice highlighting shade.

Both formulas are a little bit chalky, but they blended out well on my hand- we’ll see how it goes when I try them on my face!

The last two items were a lip and eye liner. The lip liner was from Laritzy Cosmetics and the eye liner came from Sorme Cosmetics.

I haven’t swatched these, I just like to dive into pencils- anyone else never swatch pencils? My hand is not my lip or my eye, it just doesn’t look the same, and I hate ruining a brand new tip! The total value of this box (well, pretty pink bag rather) is $91

Not bad for only $14.99! Click the link ➡️ and use Code: ANID for 10% off your first month!

FTC Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.


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