Stand with Standing Rock

Aho. My name is Ani and I live in Indian Beach NC. I am descendant of the Sihasapa Lakota and I stand with Standing Rock and all of the brave water protectors taking action across the country for many, many reasons.

First and foremost in this battle, because Mni Wiconi: water is life; water is sacred. Our bodies are 70% water; we aren’t tin men, we can’t survive on 70% oil running through our veins. Mother Earth needs more brave warriors like the water protectors on the front lines to stand up and put an end to the fossil fuel industries. There are other options; coal and oil are the past, our futures are green.

But this struggle is about so much more than water and oil. I stand with Standing Rock because of history; because of the past 500 years of cruelty and genocide against the Indigenous people of this land. It is time the US government, and Americans, face what they have done to the Indigenous people that have gotten in the way of their Manifest Destinies.

I stand because I don’t know who I am. Because the US government exterminated and forced assimilation upon my ancestors, and now, with no surviving members of that side of my family, I have no connection to my ancestors, to my culture, to my language. All I have are the stories I was told as a child, and a feeling in my being that I am not where I belong. The US government stole my identity, my home, my right to know who I am.  How can one know who they are, if they don’t know who they came from?

For these, and so many other reasons, I will stand with my Brothers and Sisters, my cousins, aunts, uncles, and countless other relatives I’ll never get to know, at Standing Rock until the end of this fight.


One thought on “Stand with Standing Rock

  1. Hi, my name is Tanya and I have been so overwhelmed by the way that this whole process has happened. First off let me say this I am Cherokee descendant, and from Alabama. This is happening just like the Trail of Tears my great grandma talked bout. This is how the White man came and Slaughtered our people. They have called in the Military already, we as a Nation should be smarter than them. First , We need to file lawsuits against the Mayor, Governor, everyone who is involved in office. Then make this pipeline company pay for damages for desecrating a burial site. And I mean everyones. Every time something new happens document, film it. Put it on every Social Websites. Send it to everyone who you come in Contact with. Everyone should be on alert BECAUSE we know we,can’t Trust the White Mans Government. I know I’m probably saying what y’all already know but Please, My People, be careful. All it takes is a President to say desecrate them and it will happen. My heart and soul feels so grave because We have not had the same Recognition as the Jewish People, or African Americans. We have to be smarter, think farther ahead of them, show the World what is happening to the Native Americans!! How the White man gives our People land that is Sacred and comes along and sells it for Billions of dollars and we don’t get any money from it.. Yes, we can also sue for PTSD!!! If the Veterans can use it so can we!!!
    I’ve been having nightmares about the Military killing our People because we have a right to this country. We were here long before the Whiteman came and he’ll be here long after!
    I hope this doesn’t upset or make things worse, but my instincts are Real 99%of the time. Please take care.


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