Pageant Do’s and Don’t’s

Florida Cinderella

Florida Cinderella (Photo credit: State Library and Archives of Florida)


  1. Practice, Practice, Practice!!!
  2. Eat healthy and stay active year-round
  3. Take care of your skin, teeth, hair and nails
  4. Dress and style your hair and makeup as per the pageant rules
  5. Exude confidence- even if you’ve just fallen off the back of the stage! (Been there! Just keep smiling!!)


  1. Compare yourself to other contestants; leave that for the judges, you never know what they’re looking for!
  2. Overdue your makeup
  3. Dress or act inappropriately for your age
  4. Cry if you don’t win the title you wanted; learn from the experience and use it to make your next performance even better!
  5. Tan to an unnatural shade; use tanning to brighten your complexion and smooth skin tone, not change your ethnicity!

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