Forever in my Heart

Matthew Douglas


My best friend.
My worst enemy.
My brother.

13… Can it really have been 13 years ago?
Me, an overly dramatic 16 year-old at the start of her junior year of high school?
Him, barely 20 years old, clean for over 2… Tee shirts without long-sleeved thermals underneath; healthy, unbroken skin…
A fairy tale-like weekend.
A Tuesday from a Lifetime movie.
The mortician telling us he needed long-sleeves if we wanted an open casket…

It could have happened yesterday; or maybe it was just a dream…

No. It was 13 years ago. We lost him. His thread was cut; he is no longer ours to have.

He won many battles; but he lost the war. A war that cannot be fought alone; a war no one could fight for him. Heroin had won. It got the last laugh. It took what could never be replaced. A life. A family. A home. A bond only siblings know. A young girl’s innocence. Heroin had won.

Before I forget is a place for me to remember my first, and truest friend; the one person I still wish… 13 years later, I still wish, I could pick up the phone and call. The one I know will always have my back.


My brother.


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