Pageant Moms vs. Stage Moms vs. Little League Coaches vs. Texas Cheerleaders

English: Beauty pageant tiara Nederlands: Tiar...

English: Beauty pageant tiara Nederlands: Tiara schoonheidswedstrijd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With all the negativity surrounding beauty pageants, pageant moms have garnered a bad reputation in our society. Some people claim these parents are living vicariously through their children; others think they force their kids to participate or simply push them too hard to succeed on stage. No matter what reasoning people use, pageant moms are consistently labeled as bad parents and are judged by society for the work they put into making their children happy.
I’m not trying to say there are no bad pageant parents or that all pageant moms participate for the right reasons. We’ve all seen the shows; I’ve witnessed it in person; of course there are parents out there that define these stereotypes; but my question is this: what makes a pageant mom any worse than any other parent of a child involved in a competitive activity?
I’ve been to my fair share of little league baseball and football games, and the way parents and coaches speak to these children (generally young boys) is horrendous. Screaming, yelling and cursing are common from parents and coaches alike. What makes it ok for these coaches to curse at and belittle their athletes? Because they’re boys? Because baseball and football are sports?
Parents of children who compete in any form of competition, athletic, academic, or beauty, are competitive. They want their child to win. They’ve worked hard, spent time and money, and they want to see results. Some parents are more competitive than others; but put any of them in a competition on national tv and you will see the worst come out of even the best parents.


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