Ode to the iPhone

Completely my own work, a photo of my iPhone.

In my Humanities class this week we were asked to imagine an individual who is completely cut off from modern society and to pick an item from pop culture for them to find, much like in the movie, The Gods Must Be Crazy.  Many of my classmates wrote about giving this person an iPhone, which I find to be a ridiculous idea.  To leave someone who has been completely cut off from modern society an iPhone is illogical; unless you also intend to give them the USB charger, wall adapter, (with the correct voltage, assuming they have electricity), and cellular service or access to Wifi capabilities, an iPhone would most likely be completely useless to this person.  It was late, and I was on pain medication when I read all of the posts about dropping iPhones from the sky, and so I responded, without much thought, with the following Haiku:

I found an IPhone

I can see myself in it

It makes a good brick.

Admittedly, not a very good haiku, but I still think it gets my point across; I mean really, what’s some guy living in a dirt hut without electricity or modern technology going to do with an iPhone??  Talk about crazy!

The Gods Must Be Crazy


What do you think?

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