Don’t Bible Me (at least not in science class)

The following post was written in response to a classmate’s discussion board post in a nutrition science class about euthanasia for the terminally ill:


I want to start by stating that I respect your religious beliefs; however, I disagree with the use of the bible as the final word on what is “right” and “wrong.”  You stated:

“God says [thou] shall not kill and that suicide is [a] major sin. I do not see in the bible where there is an exception.”

I find it hypocritical for Christians to play the “Thou shall not kill” card when their god repeatedly killed nation after nation in the bible and condones murder “in the name of god.”  The bible also states that anyone that works on the sabbath should be put to death, homosexuality is an abomination, selling your daughter into slavery is legal, and touching dead pig skin makes one unclean; you cannot pick and choose which “laws” from the bible you are going to follow to the letter.  [Yeah, I think I stole part of that from The West Wing, but it’s true.]

The bible was constructed 1700 years ago; laws and beliefs held in the 4th century are (beyond) outdated, cannot be applied to modern society, and do not account for the new problems created by modern, technological life.  As human beings, we have the right to choose how we live and end our lives, and there is no one, either here on earth or in any astral plane, that can take those inborn rights away from us.

Relying on the bible to guide our moral decisions in a time with thousands of new ethical questions that could never have been addressed in a book written 1700 years ago is naïve and limits our ability as a society to continue moving forward intellectually.


You know you have something to say about this; leave your thoughts below!


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