May 2018 Yes, Oh Yas!

Got my first Yes, Oh Yas subscription today, look how pretty!! I’m such a sucker for pink! I haven’t tried everything out yet, but I did do a few swatches. So far, I’m just obsessed with the Cosmoholic Cosmetics liquid lipstick packaging. It’s got L.E.D. lights in the lid of the wand- I dunno, I’m just mesmerized by this. It’s kitschy, but I like it. Open, close; on, off. Open, close; on, off… I just keep going; I need my fidget cube…

Ok, moving on, so then we have a baked highlighter from Estate Makeup and an eyeshadow from Nomad Cosmetics which is also a nice highlighting shade.

Both formulas are a little bit chalky, but they blended out well on my hand- we’ll see how it goes when I try them on my face!

The last two items were a lip and eye liner. The lip liner was from Laritzy Cosmetics and the eye liner came from Sorme Cosmetics.

I haven’t swatched these, I just like to dive into pencils- anyone else never swatch pencils? My hand is not my lip or my eye, it just doesn’t look the same, and I hate ruining a brand new tip! The total value of this box (well, pretty pink bag rather) is $91

Not bad for only $14.99! Click the link ➑️ and use Code: ANID for 10% off your first month!


Vanity Lost

Hold on to your highlighter ladies, this is a tragedy of epic proportions: behold my entire makeup collection.

What used to take up my guest bedroom and bathroom, now sitting here in this teeny lil pile on my bed.

I was forced to scale it down to just two roll carts, and my travel bag, when I was moving last year. Ok, fine, some tears were shed, but I got through it. Until I got off the plane with my travel bag and started unpacking only to discover my roll carts didn’t make it onto the truck! 😠😠😭😭

There are no words, I’ll just let you imagine the pain. But, I moved here to help my mom take care of my grandmother, so rebuilding my kit wasn’t really a priority- plus a flawless face ain’t cheap hunny!- and I was making do with the basics and essentials from my travel bag.

Then, I had to travel for a friend’s wedding… (Warning: if you have a heart condition, consult your doctor before proceeding.)

If you’re feeling like you’re in a movie theatre watching a horror movie and everyone’s screaming “No bitch, turn around, now!” You are So So Right. Cause, yeah that’s right: I. Lost. My. Travel. Bag. Somehow I came home with my lash curler and one Wet n’ Wild Eye trio- everything else was GONE. 😭😭😭

Now, I’m looking at this cute little heap here and realizing I spent my gift cards on products (that I’ve never even tried before), and I don’t have any tools! What was I thinking?? Ooooohhh hunny, this girl has been out of the game for too long! Lawd have mercy, cause my face is gonna have to remain nekkid until my birthday in April 😱

I’ll be staring at you pretty palettes, every day until I can use you. (Who am I kidding? I’m going to swatch these to the pans before I can even get brushes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)


Your dumbass makeup addict πŸ’‹

Stand with Standing Rock

Aho. My name is Ani and I live in Indian Beach NC. I am descendant of the Sihasapa Lakota and I stand with Standing Rock and all of the brave water protectors taking action across the country for many, many reasons.

First and foremost in this battle, because Mni Wiconi: water is life; water is sacred. Our bodies are 70% water; we aren’t tin men, we can’t survive on 70% oil running through our veins. Mother Earth needs more brave warriors like the water protectors on the front lines to stand up and put an end to the fossil fuel industries. There are other options; coal and oil are the past, our futures are green.

But this struggle is about so much more than water and oil. I stand with Standing Rock because of history; because of the past 500 years of cruelty and genocide against the Indigenous people of this land. It is time the US government, and Americans, face what they have done to the Indigenous people that have gotten in the way of their Manifest Destinies.

I stand because I don’t know who I am. Because the US government exterminated and forced assimilation upon my ancestors, and now, with no surviving members of that side of my family, I have no connection to my ancestors, to my culture, to my language. All I have are the stories I was told as a child, and a feeling in my being that I am not where I belong. The US government stole my identity, my home, my right to know who I am.  How can one know who they are, if they don’t know who they came from?

For these, and so many other reasons, I will stand with my Brothers and Sisters, my cousins, aunts, uncles, and countless other relatives I’ll never get to know, at Standing Rock until the end of this fight.

They Kneel

For Trayvon, Alton, and Charlottesville, they kneel.

For those who no longer have the voices to speak what needs to be said, they kneel.

For those the major media lock out, give no outlet, and misrepresent, they kneel.

For those that don’t have the exposure of a major athlete on prime-time tv, they kneel.

For the horrible remarks made toward them that only prove their point, they kneel.

Because Black Lives Matter, Native Lives Matter, Your Lives Matter, they kneel.

For the same reasons our brave soldiers enlist to fight, they kneel.

Look around America, maybe we should all take a knee and really think it over: What should that anthem mean?

Silver and Gold

I just realized that in all of my excitement yesterday I never posted the results of the Women’s Gymnastics All-Around Finals. I don’t have all of the numbers in front of me, but, really, who cares about numbers? All that matters is Simone Biles took GOLD and Aly Raisman took SILVER!! Congratulations ladies; you have amazed the world and upped the bar in women’s gymnastics. The Final Five will definitely live in infamy with the Fierce Five and Magnificent Seven. 

Sometimes it feels like monkeys and Shakespeare


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